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I personally think it would be a crime to not have a kubernetes cluster on board. Jokes aside, it’s also the perfect solution for a durable, resilient system which I’ve been professionally trained to use.

  • can operate as a local development environment

  • provides Workstation redundancy and durability; in the event of machine failure a new workstation is simply a virtual machine based on an incremental backup away.

  • Is a home-server. I do this stuff for fun, I need a playground too!

  • provides various services to me such as incremental backups, GPS services, and various others outside of the scope of this paper.

  • integrates with onboard marine sensors, e.g. with CANBOAT


There would be a single switch at the heart of any network I would build, I’m not currently aware of a way around this without using 3 switches simultaneously and my current proposed solution is to keep a cold spare available.

It would be wise to procure onboard networking equipment specifically for this purpose, as the marine environment is hell on electronics.