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Satellite internet

Starlink is a game changing proposition, with current beta performance advertised as "better than nothing" in North America providing a comparable connection to what I get at home. By the time I expect to be in the water, this level of connection will be improved to cover the vast majority of the inhabited world and improve connections such that I would have identical latency and download/upload speeds multiple times that of my current connection.

Additionally, Coastal areas are expected to have particularly good performance due to anticipated server load being significantly lower at sea than on land. Solving the problem of home-schooling 5 children whilst on an ocean voyage has been described by Elon Musk as "relatively easy", with spaceX having filed to use this technology themselves for their autonomous spaceport droneships.

To be clear, this would likely not be a possible solution immediately upon moving aboard; Instead I hope to highlight that we can already exceed "good enough" right now, with the trivialisation of broadband-level internet access at a worldwide scale being imminent. If I were writing about internet access 1 year from now it would be significantly shorter.