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The following can be considered reliable sources of power, roughly in order of generating capacity:

  • Shore power (110/220VAC), infinite so long as you pay the bills

  • Boat diesel motor alternator (assume 80A 13.8 VDC alternator)

  • Inboard diesel generator

  • Solar power (highly variable based on location, but easily upgraded)

  • Wind turbine (~40 watts in 12 knots; 200 watts in 20 knots of wind per sailmagazine)

  • Saildrive (boat speed must exceed 6 knots for 1000W)

  • Emergency diesel generator

  • Towable hydrogenerators

When calculating power usage, remember that all of these systems convert down to 12VDC (really 13.8) to charge the house & starter battery banks, and require an inverter to produce AC power (110VAC or 220VAC, as you like)