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redundancy and availability

The solution is built to be redundant at multiple levels, achieving a highly available internet connection which I describe below.

I discuss power availability in its own section.

Connection types

Whenever possible I would take advantage of long range wifi, this extends up to 7 miles off-shore in perfect conditions but can more reasonably be expected to be around half this distance under poor conditions. This will of course provide sufficient internet access, it’s an otherwise standard WiFi connection. When this is not available I would fallback automatically to a load-balanced 4G connection (5G if available).


By virtue of using multiple, independent pieces of hardware to handle each connection type I am insulated from any single piece of hardware failing from causing an outage.

Additionally, 4G load-balancing will be dealt with by two independent pieces of hardware rather than a single unit with multiple sim slots. This is necessary for hardware level redundancy, ensuring high availability of the 4G connection.